Environmental Protection


Over the past 86 years, The Beer Store has voluntarily become one of the greenest retailers in the world. The Beer Store’s 92% overall beer container return rate in 2011-12 is one of the highest in the world and customers returned more than two BILLION beer, wine and liquor containers in 2011-2012. The system recycles half of what the entire Ontario Blue Box recycles.

Unlike the Blue Box, Taxpayers don’t pay!

It’s important to realize that the deposit system on beer containers is entirely industry-funded. The breweries pay the full costs of recovery, reuse and recycling. Unlike the Blue Box, there’s no taxpayer dollars paying for it or Eco-fees charged to consumers.

It’s simple: Corner stores have rejected a deposit return program for other beverage containers for decades and would never make the investments needed to manage more than two billion beverage containers every year. If the deposit system is lost, 453 000 tonnes of liquor packaging will have to be managed by municipal government. The cost to municipal taxpayers will be $40M a year.

And without a deposit return system the beer industry’s environmentally-preferable refillable bottle system (where bottles are refilled 15 times) would no longer be possible. The resulting shift to single-use glass bottles and cans will drive up beer industry packaging costs and negatively impact beer prices.

What others are saying...

Ontario Minister of Environment

“The Beer Store’s waste diversion results are outstanding. Waste diversion is good for our environment and our economy. The Beer Store’s efforts mean more glass is recycled into new products like new bottles and fiberglass insulation rather than taking up valuable landfill space.”

Jim Bradley
Ontario Minister of Environment

Toronto Environment Alliance

"The Beer Store has set the environmental gold standard for all beverage producers. They have proven year after year that deposit return programs and refillable beer bottles are good for the environment, business and the economy. We should all raise a refillable bottle to The Beer Store's accomplishments."

Dr. Franz Hartmann, Executive Director
Toronto Environment Alliance